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I am a Computer and Network Professional who designs, builds, and repairs Information Technology infrastructure.

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I build, maintain, and repair Computers, Networks, Servers, and other related IT Infrastructure used by small and medium size businesses

...why are you here?

Sorry, that sounds a bit rude.

I didn't intend it that way.

But it is a good question to ask.

The myriad of services I provide includes a wide array of technologies.

My website is here to help you decide if I’m the right person to fill the role of your IT Support Professional and Software & Web Developer.

REMEMBER: This website has information about me, but in the end, it is about you and what you need.

Take a look around.  If it seems like I can help you and your business out, please feel free to contact me.

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What I Do for My Clients

▪ I do more than fix computers ▪

I'm often asked:
"So, what do you do?"

After I answer, this is a typical reply:
"Oh, you fix computers."

...and my response:
"Umm, sort of. Let me explain."

What I Do for My Clients...

( The Short Answer )

I do 'fix computers', but not in the traditional sense very much anymore. Although it is how I got started in the industry.

Even though 'fixing computers' represents very little of what I do, I'm fine with the fixing computers label. That's because it's a familiar term people commonly use to identify IT Professionals.

There's more to explain, so please keep reading.

What I Do for My Clients...

( More Details )

Servers, Networking, Web Sites, Databases, E-Mail System, VoIP, and lot of other stuff.

Anything a small and medium size businesses needs for success is what I provide.

You name it. I have the skill sets to do it.

What I Do for My Clients...

( The Expanded Explanation )

There's way too much to list here, so please head over to the CV or Résumé Page. now what?

For more details, please see;
Some of the Many Services
I Provide for Clients

For granular information, please see;
CV (Curriculum Vitae) and Classic Résumé

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▪ Who, What, When, Where, and Why? ▪

Who is BJ Lindholm?

I'm your friendly neigborhood IT Professional 🙂

Beyond that, I'm a person who cares about clients. I believe in good 'ole fashion hard work and craftsmanship.

What services does BJ Lindholm provide for clients?

I do all the things you don't see

My work often involves things most people never see and seldom think about. Almost every time you use your computer, phone, or tablet, that device is communicating through a network to another computer.  The other computer is known as a server, which it tragically referred to as 'The Cloud' these days.

When does BJ Lindholm work?

24 Hours a Day
7 Days a Week
365.25 Days a Year

Some days it feels like that, but most of them are great days.  And knowing that I'm helping people makes even the rough days worth while.  Most days I work normal business hours, including some weekends.  But I'm always available for my clients when they need me.

Where does BJ Lindholm work?

Everywhere - Often without moving

My 'home territory' is in the Sacramento, CA region.  I have clients that range from the San Francisco East Bay Area to Auburn, Alabama.  Thanks to modern technology and the nature of my work, most of what I do can be done remotely.  This has the advantage of offering near instant solutions for my clients.

Why does
BJ Lindholm do this type of work?

My work is fun, challenging, and rewarding

Over the years I've learned to appreciate things beyond the technological aspects of this work. I've grown to appreciate the difference I make for my clients and their employees. Seeing how happy clients are or relieved that something is fixed and working properly makes it all worth while.

Remember, if you can't find the answers
you're looking for on this website,
please feel free to contact me.

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Some of the Many Services
I Provide for Clients

▪ Services a successful business needs ▪

Web Development

Web Development

This is a very broad category, which also happens to be one of my fortes. From graphics and design to programming and development to content and writing, I do it all. Management, maintenance, hosting, and even building the physical server, I do all of that too. I've also worked with many hosting companies.

Network Design, Construction & Maintenance

Network Infrastructure

Almost everything we do today relies on connectivity. Most people never think about it unless it doesn't work. That's where I come it. Whether it's a local wireless issue or a larger internet related issue, I get it working and keep it functional.

Computer Repair

Fixing Computers

Yes, on rare occasions I still 'fix computers'. I mention it here because so many people identify professionals in the IT world as someone who fixes computers. I'm fine with that label, but it isn't what I do anymore.

Objectives & Goals Realization

I Help Clients Realize their Objectives & Goals

No matter what it takes, I get the job done with know-how and good 'ole fashion hard work. I fix and build the infrastructure that keeps businesses running and employees working.

There are many, many more services I provide.
For a more complete list, please see;
Skill Sets, CV (Curriculum Vitae )
and Classic Résumé

And as always, if you've got any questions,
please feel free to contact me